What it means to be Fear Free®

Your pet's well-being goes beyond the physical

If you've ever had to console your dog in the car before an appointment or carry a quivering cat into an exam room, you know how difficult and worrisome it can be. Thankfully, veterinary care has come a long way over the years, and today there is a certified approach to reduce stress and restore calm for pets and their owners. Even under stressful circumstances, trained veterinary professionals now know how to better manage the anxiety pets may experience, ensuring a more positive visit to the vet each and every time.

It's called Fear Free®.

What does Fear Free® really mean?

At Onalaska Animal Hospital, we're proud to take the Fear Free® approach. As a Certified Fear Free® Professional, Dr. Nicole Azene has completed comprehensive coursework and exams to master care methods that help your pet get the physical health care they need while their emotional wellbeing is nurtured. Veterinarians who adhere to Fear Free® methods are mindful of your pet's need to feel comfortable and safe — both at the animal hospital and at home. At Onalaska Animal Hospital, our Fear Free® care goes far beyond standard veterinary care:

  • Physically separated dog and cat waiting areas, exam rooms and hospital wards.
  • Pet-friendly background music to encourage relaxation.
  • Pheromones, or scents, designed to calm your pet.
  • An advanced ventilation system that contains odors near the source or vents them outside the pet care areas.
  • Innovative HVAC capability to reduce noise such as barking.
  • Fear Free® consultation for at-home care and best practices for future appointment preparation.
  • Fear Free ® online resources to help you prepare for your pet's next visit and tips you can use to enhance our Fear Free® approach.

Overall, our Fear Free® approach reduces your pet's anxiety around health care, empowers you to help them remain calm, and enables us to provide the high-quality medical care you and your pet deserve.

Fear Free®: care that comes from the heart

Just like humans, our pets have feelings and experiences that shape their perceptions of the world. Having a veterinarian who recognizes the intricacies of emotional and physical well-being, and how they relate to one another, is invaluable and can make all the difference in your pet's health and happiness. Using Fear Free® methods is important to us because we genuinely care about your pet and their comfort. This unique and heart centered approach influences our daily decisions about how to provide the best care for dogs and cats and the best possible experience for the people who love them.

Your pet deserves care that's Fear Free®

Our pets can't always tell us what they're feeling, but every pet owner knows when their dog or cat is experiencing anxiety and stress. Thankfully, a better care model exists for your pets, one that lessens or eliminates the anxiety surrounding visits to the vet. Is your family ready to experience the Fear Free ® approach? Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment for you and your pet.