Saying goodbye to a pet is a sacred time, calling for a sacred space. At Onalaska Animal Hospital, we honor your relationship with your pet and want your goodbye to be as meaningful as the years you spent together. To make the process as soothing as possible both for you and your pet, we offer the area's only animal hospital Comfort Room.

The Comfort Room is a private, quiet space, offering a living room-like environment in which you can say goodbye to your pet and we can perform euthanasia. It offers sensory elements — sight, sound, smell, touch — that foster a sense of calm and peace.

Because we share a common love for pets, we light a candle in the window of our Comfort Room every Monday evening to honor those who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. This memorial is patterned after the global Candle Ceremony that began in 1993. We hope to provide some comfort in remembering our loved ones. So if you happen to drive or walk by our building on a Monday evening, know that you are not alone in your thoughts.