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Fear Free® Approach In Onalaska

Dr. Nicole Azene has completed comprehensive coursework and testing to become a Fear Free® Certified Professional. As a  Fear Free® Certified Professional, Dr. Azene pledges “to hold your pet’s emotional and physical wellbeing in mind at all times as I care for them, realizing that it’s not possible to treat one without treating the other.”

With Fear Free® methods at the forefront, Onalaska Animal Hospital was specifically designed to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving the medical care they need. Examples of Fear Free® methods used by Onalaska Animal Hospital include physical separation of cat and dog waiting rooms, exam rooms, and hospital wards as well as background music and scents/pheromones designed to calm your pet. In addition, the HVAC system is zoned to keep odors in the source room or move them toward the rear until cleaning occurs. The HVAC system was also designed to mitigate sounds such as barking.  

Onalaska Animal Hospital is committed to reducing fear, anxiety and stress among our patients and their owners. Ask a Customer Service Representative about tips you can use at home to prepare your pet for their next visit.

Preparing For Your Pet’s Veterinary Visit