Meringue Bakery and Onalaska Animal Hospital introduce a new line of locally made and sourced pet treats

Meringue Bakery and Onalaska Animal Hospital introduce a new line of locally made and sourced pet treats

Consumer studies have found that people today want the same product features for their pets that they want for themselves: Health- and wellness-oriented, sustainable, and locally sourced goods. With a new product announced today, local dog and cat owners have precisely that in a new line of pet treats.

Three-time Food Network Baking Champion Jen Barney, owner of Meringue Bakery, and veterinarian Dr. Nicole Azene, co-owner of Onalaska Animal Hospital, teamed to create the new line. The treats include Pup Cakes, Cat Snack Attacks, Dog Gone Biscuits and Happy Birthday Cakes. Offerings may expand in the future.

Barney created and developed the treats with guidance on ingredients from Azene. The treats feature healthy, all-natural ingredients like bananas, carrot juice, salmon oil and, of course, catnip for the felines. They’ve available exclusively at Meringue Bakery in downtown La Crosse and Onalaska Animal Hospital.

Pup Cakes created by Meringue Bakery and Onalaska Animal Hospital, are among a new line of healthy, gourmet pet treats made locally with all-natural ingredients.

“I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. I’d imagined ideas for treats that would be wholesome and delicious that I could offer local animal lovers like me,” said Barney. “When Dr. Nicole reached out, offering her expertise as part of the deal, I knew the time was now.”

New locally sourced,locally made pet treats from Onalaska Animal Hospital and Meringue Bakery

Barney has taken every step to ensure the treats are safe and nutritious, including state lab testing and licensing. With Azene, she also tasted tested the products with dogs and cats, whose rave reviews were evident from the speed of consumption.

Happy Birthday,Cake among new healthy, gourmet pet treats created by local business owners Jen Barney of Meringue Bakery and Dr. Nicole Azene of Onalaska Animal Hospital

Azene approached Barney while Onalaska Animal Hospital was under construction, seeking to offer her patients locally-made products with a touch that would turn healthy snacks into genuine treats.

“Jen and Meringue were a natural choice. She was already producing first-class, locally sourced products for humans,” said Azene. “We wanted her winning touch and baking prowess on pet treats, and we got it.”