Why diagnostic tests for pets are important for a pet’s health in Onalaska, WI

Your veterinarian may recommend certain tests or treatments when you bring your pet in for a checkup, to diagnose or treat any ailment and make sure your pet is in the best possible health. For the continued well-being of your pet, prevention is crucial. It will eventually reduce the total expense of owning and caring for your pet. Regular wellness examinations can assist your veterinarian in identifying health issues early so that your pet can receive the best care possible.

Blood work, urinalysis, fecal testing, and parasite tests are just a few of the standard diagnostic procedures we can perform on your cat or dog. Regular diagnostic testing in Onalaska, WI provides you peace of mind that your pet is healthy and free from any underlying conditions because pets are inclined to conceal disease and discomfort. Diagnostic tests also assist medical professionals in rapidly and accurately identifying any ailments so that we can start treating your pet as soon as possible.

Early identification of health issues can guarantee quick treatment and even stop the effects of illness progression. According to research, routine preventative testing can help you keep an eye on your pet and identify illnesses and underlying problems early. So the best kind of treatment is prevention. Regular preventative treatment for your pet must include diagnostic work.

The most frequent diagnostic procedures we could suggest for keeping your pet as healthy as possible are listed here, along with explanations of their significance.

Fecal testing

The major goal of this is to look for internal parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and hookworms. These dwell in your pet's digestive tract and can make them very unwell and unpleasant to live with.

Heartworm testing

Another internal parasite is the heartworm, although, unlike other types, it cannot be found with a fecal examination. This is due to the fact that they reside in the blood arteries of the heart and lungs rather than the digestive system. When a mosquito bites a person with heartworms, the disease can be fatal.

Blood testing

Blood samples from your pet can provide a wealth of useful information about their health and condition. Some illnesses and ailments don't cause symptoms until an animal is severely ill, but blood tests may show that they are unwell much sooner.


Like blood, your pet's urine may provide vital details about their health, particularly the condition of their urinary system. The health of their kidneys and bladder is also taken into consideration.

What Diagnostic Tests For Pets In Onalaska, WI Do Veterinarians Use?

Complete blood cell counts, blood chemistry profiles, urinalysis, stool sample screenings, and heartworm testing are just a few examples of the diagnostic procedures that are extremely helpful for determining a pet's general health and locating particular indicators that suggest disease. Diagnostic tests assist us in spotting early illness symptoms. We can frequently diagnose and start treating a pet's condition with basic blood testing before they ever show any signs or feel any discomfort.

We are happy to give our patients the finest degree of veterinary treatment at Onalaska Animal Hospital in Onalaska, WI, using reference diagnostic testing. Our team and diagnostic services are accessible for general wellness care as well as when a sick pet needs an immediate diagnosis.