National Pet Preparedness Month: How to Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts and families, and we want to ensure their safety and security at all times. However, natural disasters, fires, and other unexpected emergencies can put our furry friends in harm's way, and we must be prepared for any situation. That's why National Pet Preparedness Month is so important! NPPM helps promote the significance of being equipped and having an emergency plan for our pets. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of this awareness month and provide pet owners with valuable information on how to prepare and keep their beloved pets safe during emergencies.

What is National Pet Preparedness Month?

National Pet Preparedness Month is an annual event observed in June of every year to raise awareness about the importance of creating a pet emergency plan. This plan includes identifying emergency shelters and pet-friendly hotels, preparing an emergency kit, having a personalized identification tag, and arranging for proper vaccinations and medical records. It serves as a reminder that taking care of our pets isn't limited to taking them on walks and feeding them but also being prepared for their safety during a crisis.

Why is Making a Separate Plan for Your Pets Important?

Being prepared to assist and care for your pets can save their lives during emergencies. Many pet owners are unaware of the potential risks, including natural disasters, power outages, or accidents, that could harm their furry friends. Pets that are not vaccinated, are unidentifiable, or have improper documentation are more vulnerable than those who do. Therefore, by participating in National Pet Preparedness Month, pet owners can ensure their pets will be safe even in unforeseen circumstances.

How to Take Care of Your Pet During Emergencies

While some emergencies may not give you any warning, it is essential to be prepared before anything happens. Here are some tips for creating an emergency plan for your pets:

●     Determine the best evacuation route for your pets. Identifying safe evacuation routes for both you and your pets is critical during an emergency.

●     Create a Pet Emergency Kit. This kit may include extra food, water, medication, a first aid kit, a leash, a litter box, bedding, toys, and a copy of important documents such as vaccination records, identification tags, and medical information.

●     Keep Your Pet Identification Up to Date. Keep your pets tagged with all essential information, such as name, your address, and contact number. You may consider getting a microchip that can help reunite with your pet in case they get lost.

●     Make Arrangements with Friends and Neighbors. Ask your friends and neighbors for help in case of an emergency. Make sure to provide them with relevant information and the pet emergency kit if needed.

●     Contact the Local Animal Hospital. Last but not least, contact Onalaska Animal Hospital or any local animal hospital to seek advice, guidance, or for pet medical aid during emergencies.

National Pet Preparedness Month serves as an important reminder that being prepared for any emergency is a crucial part of responsible pet ownership. By taking the necessary steps to prepare in advance, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your furry friends during times of crisis. At Onalaska Animal Hospital, we take pet preparedness seriously. Our team is always available to provide you with the information and guidance you need to keep your pets safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about pet emergency preparedness and how we can help you keep your pets healthy and happy for many years to come!