Celebrating National Service Animal Eye Exam Month at Onalaska Animal Hospital

Celebrating National Service Animal Eye Exam Month at Onalaska Animal Hospital

National Service Animal Eye Exam Month is dedicated to stressing the significance of keeping our animal friends' eyes healthy, as they serve as vital companions and aids to those with disabilities.

Service animals, such as guide dogs for the visually impaired, therapy animals for emotional support, and assistance animals for persons with physical limitations, rely significantly on their vision to execute their responsibilities efficiently. They, like humans, can suffer from a number of eye problems that interfere with their ability to perform their duties.

Regular eye exams are critical for spotting any problems early and providing appropriate treatment. During these checks, our expert veterinarians thoroughly examine the animal's eyes, looking for symptoms of inflammation, infection, injury, or underlying diseases like cataracts or glaucoma. Early detection and action can help avoid subsequent issues and preserve the animal's quality of life.

Remember that our service animals work relentlessly to support their owners and communities, often in difficult environments and circumstances. By focusing on their ocular health and well-being, we can ensure they continue to thrive in their critical jobs.

At Onalaska Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to delivering the best care for all animals, especially our service animals. If you own a service animal or know someone who does, schedule a full eye check with our professional staff. Let us work together to guarantee these wonderful animals receive the care and attention they deserve.

Join us in honoring National Service Animal Eye Exam Month by spreading awareness and prioritizing the ocular health of our service companions. Schedule an eye exam for your service animal today at Onalaska Animal Hospital by calling (608) 668-6777 or visit us at 984 12th Avenue South, Onalaska, WI 54650 and help support these incredible animals in their invaluable roles!